green life

at Aiguade's Park


We have fitted out the park with tables, benches, swing, climbing frame and hammocks so that you can relax among the many species that make it up and, why not, surprise some deer on the edge.

If maritime pines, plane trees, lime trees and oaks dominate, other more unexpected species populate the park : bald cypresses from Louisiana, cedars from Lebanon and the Atlas, liquidambars, tulip tree from Virginia, eucalyptus, mimosas, various varieties of cryptomerias... Conifers are also well represented, notably by the Himalayan pine. With its two small wooden bridges spanning a small stream, this park is a pleasure renewed with the seasons.


A collection of camellias, azaleas, magnolias and acer japonicum spread over the entire park gives it an oriental air. Not to be missed in spring : the flowering of the monumental rhododendrons or the foamy one of the Japanese cherry tree. September ignites liquidambars, always spectacular, and the swamp oaks.