little heaven


Located in the middle of a fully fenced wooded park of 1.6 ha, this vast single-storey house was built on the plans of the architect René Guichemerre in 1977. It's a bold synthesis between the Landes tradition and the "usonian houses" of the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright ; so, it's a rare example of modernist villa in the Landes !

Separated from the bedrooms' s wing dedicated to guests, the house is built around a huge living room facing south on the park thanks to large bay windows in exotic wood. The influence of F. L. Wright is also readable in the dry-jointed stone walls that adorn the entrance porch and frame the fireplace. But the Landes are well present by the sloping roof with wide awning and the paneled ceiling, remarkable for its multiple slopes and stalls. Recently, the floor of the living room, the terrace and the perimeter of the swimming pool have been renovated.


Both the house and the 3 bedrooms are mostly decorated with paintings and pieces by Alain Satié (1944-2011), emblematic artist of the Lettrist movement initiated by Isidore Isou in 1945. Lettrism is an abstract art based on the organization of letters and signs, synthesis of writing and visual arts. Other abstract artists are also represented.